Popular FAQ`s

Getting Started

How Do I Sign Up?

To begin, please schedule a 15 minute demo call where we can connect, go over everything, and see if we'd be a good fit.

What Is Your Timeline To Get Started?

If you sign up for one of our pre-built campaigns, we can be live within 3 days.

How Soon Will I See Results?

Most of our clients begin generating leads within 24 hours of their campaigns going live and have their first appointment booked within the following 5 days.

What Is The Process To Get Started?

We'll first have an initial demo call to go over how everything works. After our call, we will send you a proposal to sign. You will then receive a brief onboarding form with the information we need to begin building out your system. We'll have a quick Kick-Off Call and then launch your campaign!

How Much Does This Cost?

You can select the advertising budget that you'd like to use which is usually a minimum of $1,500/mo. We have a few different options for our compensation which is why we recommend setting up a call with us to see what will work best for you.

The Lead Generation System

How Do You Qualify The Leads?

This is where the magic happens and is the key component of our system! We have each lead fill out a survey evaluation which typically screens out 60%+ of people who are not a good fit. We understand that quality is key and we make every effort to ensure this!

How Do You Know If Someone Showed Up?

Our agents simply reach out to the lead after their appointment time and check-in to ask how it went. We are then able to gauge whether they showed-up or not.

How Do You Know When To Schedule Appointments?

We typically will ask for 3-5 set available times during the week when we can book the appointments. We've found this to be most efficient so we don't have to meddle with your schedule. We haven't had anyone have a problem with this.

Do You Incentivize People To Show Up?

We typically do not unless the client would like to offer a "bonus" incentive to the leads for showing up. It can definitely help when done strategically.


Do You Offer Additional Marketing Services?

Yes, we do! We got our start as a "full-service" agency. Our client's get the added bonus of discounted services such as websites, social content, paid ads, etc.

Can You Run Ads On Google, TikTok, or YouTube As Well?

We are familiar with these platforms and are actively studying them but we haven't yet introduced them as a traffic source for our lead generation system.

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