Potter Orthodontics

Consistently Closes An Extra $10,000-15,000 Every Month In Invisalign Treatment (With A 50%+ Conversion Rate!)


Dr. Potter is an Orthodontist in California. He had tried 8 different marketing agencies and had no results to show for the thousands he invested with them. He was tired of getting nothing and just wanted more Invisalign consults.

The Process

Dr. Potter reached out to us on one of our Facebook Ads and spoke with Beau. He was eager to get started and signed up right away.

The Results

After 7 months of working together, Dr. Potter filled us in on his progress. We consistently send him 4-6 qualified consults each month of which he turns 50% into paid Invisalign treatment. He loves the consistency, affordability, and results with our program. He says it is one of the best marketing services he’s ever used.

Dr. Jeff Potter photo
"I have tried a lot of different marketing, and Grillo is one of the most consistent at producing an ROI." 

Dr. Jeff Potter

Potter Orthodontics